Our data system, SCRIBE, supports GEAR UP by housing participant-level demographic, assessment, service participation (students, family members, and educators), high school graduation, FAFSA completion, and enrollment data in support of formative and summative data analysis and evaluation.  Data can be entered into SCRIBE through bulk-imports or manually from any computer with web-access by users who have the appropriate permissions.  Grants use SCRIBE to identify strengths and weaknesses, complete the GEAR UP Annual Performance Report (APR and GEAR UP Final Performance Report (FPR), and inform GEAR UP programming with data.    

SCRIBE is an encrypted, password-protected, FERPA-compliant, web-based database built specifically to house data for GEAR UP including student-level postsecondary enrollment, persistence, retention, completion, and post-college outcomes. All data are backed up continuously, and SCRIBE ensures accountability by offering varied levels of access to system users. All data housed in SCRIBE can be exported as either identified or deidentified.  

SCRIBE Modules

Additional modules to elevate your data infrastructure

College Enrollment

Use this module to track students as they transition into postsecondary education.  Data requirements are aligned to return files from the National Student Clearinghouse.

Match Tracking

GEAR UP is unique because it requires a dollar-for-dollar match commitment.  Grants are required to track all of the match they receive for this grant, and SCRIBE’s Match Tracking module allows grants to do just that!  Track partner and non-partner match contributions from partners, and generate reports to show annual progress toward grant requirements.  


The Scholarship module has two primary purposes.  Grants can use this module to administer the GEAR UP scholarship component, tracking the GEAR UP scholarship from application to payment, or track other scholarships students apply for and are awarded.  

Expense Tracking

Use the SCRIBE Expense Tracking module to submit, reconcile, and approve grant expenses.  This module records the history of approval, comments, and progress with email notifications sent to staff regarding the progress of expense reports. 


SCRIBE Surveys provide grants with the opportunity to collect identified survey data that can be linked to other data sources: GEAR UP participation, academic performance, and GEAR UP outcomes.  Additionally, grants can create anonymous surveys that can be used to analyze students, families, and educators’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes.  For respondents who do not speak English, surveys can be administered in multiple languages. 

SCRIBE Training

the Xcalibur team offers high-quality training on SCRIBE and all of the modules, virtually or in-person.  Training materials are tailored to the individual needs and the data infrastructure of each grant.  We work with you to develop objectives that are relevant to your team and deliver interactive training to support your team in using SCRIBE.

Monthly Town Hall Meetings

On a monthly basis, the Xcalibur hosts a Town Hall meeting.  During these meetings we invite all SCRIBE users to discuss topics that are relevant and timely.  Additionally, we shine the spotlight on a SCRIBE feature!