Xcalibur Conference

In 2019, Xcalibur hosted its first ever Xcalibur Conference: Data Lights the Way.  During this two-day event, GEAR UP data and evaluation professionals from around the country convened to talk about best practices for data management and data visualization.  After the global pandemic, Xcalibur hosted its second Xcalibur Conference: Mapping the Way with Data.  During this conference, participants developed data infrastructure journey maps, built data visualization, and honed their data storytelling skills.  In 2024, Xcalibur will host its third conference–Doing What Matters Most: Leveraging Evaluation to Influence and Lead Your GEAR UP Program.  During this conference, participants will engage in an intensive strategic planning experience to embed measurable continuous improvement into practices and processes.  For more information about the conference, visit www.xcaliburconference.com.