Where We Work

With over 25 years experience, Xcalibur specializes in GEAR UP data and evaluation. We are truly committed to our mission to foster understanding using data among educational professionals to empower students in becoming college and career ready! 

States Where Our GEAR UP Clients are Situated

Across the United States, we support GEAR UP state and partnership grants with data and evaluation services. 

We would love to partner with you on your data or evaluation project, contact us for more information!

Map of the United States highlighting the states where Xcalibur has GEAR UP Clients.

  What our clients have to say about our work

“I really enjoyed seeing the data and being able to understand where we are lacking and what we need to do in order to be more effective and efficient.”

— GU State Asst. Director

“Thank you for your thoroughness in working with [us]. We have always had external evaluators, but none have supported us to the level you do. Thank you.”

— State GU Site Director

“They make us feel that there are no dumb questions and they ask for follow up on our responses to further the conversation.”

— Partnership GU Data Person

“I am always amazed about what we find in the data.  There were several things that stuck out to me but I was again most impressed with the data dashboard and the organization and presentation it presents.”

— State GEAR UP Data Manager

“I trust Xcalibur to be transparent with us and to ensure our information is not being shared with others outside the GEAR UP Georgia space.”

— State GEAR UP Director

“I would like to share how much we all appreciate your guidance and understanding of our data and works.  We never feel lost and you have a way of making even those doubtful moments make sense.  We appreciate your willingness to assist us in any way possible.”

— State GEAR UP Data Manager

“Xcalibur has been a huge support to us. I wish we had been utilizing these services since the start of our grant cycle. Hopefully, next time around : )”

— Partnership GEAR UP Asst. Director

“You all do a wonderful job with breaking down the information that we bring to you, back down to us, so that all of us can understand why what we do is important and why capturing it, is even more important.”

— Partnership GEAR UP Academic Coordinator

“The retreat helped some coordinators grasp the importance of data in the way that I have been trying to get them to see. Sometimes it has to come from outside the organization for some people to see the bigger picture.”

— Partnership GEAR UP Director