Updated import module posted in SCRIBE

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Xcalibur has just launched a new import module for SCRIBE! SCRIBE was down for a few hours on Monday to post the new import module. Here’s what to expect…

The new Import List allows you to sort imports by School Year, Keyword, the Last 3 Months, any import Requiring Action or only imports you have uploaded (My Imports).

In addition to a new look, the new import module makes it easier to find the fields required for each type of import, monitor the status of your imports during the entire process and understand and fix any issues with your import.

The Import Specification is available to view before you upload your import file. Each list is unique for the type if import you’re importing and the fields are unique to those required by your grant.

The new import module gives you instant, easy-to-interpret feedback about the content and status of your file and whether there are any issues with the import.

These handy status symbols let you see where each of your files are in the import process at a glance.

Not everything has changed: the path to get to the import module in SCRIBE will remain the same. And the import templates have not changed. This means you can keep using the templates you’ve been using to import data with the same field headings and data. Finally, all of the files you’ve imported in SCRIBE in the past will remain in the Import List (as long as the import was complete before 9 am (EST) on July 1).

Want to learn more? Allie Sheldon hosted weekly webinars in June where she demonstrated how to import various types of data using the new import module: Webinar 1 – Student Enrollment, Webinar 2 – Services and Participation, Webinar 3 – Attendance and Standardized Test Scores and Webinar 4 – Courses and Grades. Recordings of the webinars and the slides are in the Help Desk under New SCRIBE Import Module.

If you have questions about the new import module, please reach out to the Xcalibur team through the SCRIBE Help Desk.