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    FAFSA Launch – Delays, Impact, and How SCRIBE is adapting

    In October, I reviewed the new FAFSA application. In my blog post found here, I outlined all the changes the Department of Education was making in an attempt to improve the FAFSA application form. These changes by the DOE were intentional to make it easier and shorter to complete. Since […]

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    Summer: A time to unwind and wind-up

    Summer is upon us and all I can think of is warmer weather, flip flops, beach fun, cookouts, and DATA (yup, always a data nerd!!)! 🤓 As schools finalize the last few days of the school year it is time to prepare for closing out on 22-23. No matter where […]

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    The APR Window is Open!

    As we enter the middle of February, my hope is that you are not just now looking at data for the upcoming APR reporting period right now for the first time. With the APR portal now open…yes I said it, it’s open, it’s time to comb through the data you […]

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    Find Where You’re Missing Data

    The APR is coming up and you’ve been using SCRIBE to record your students’ demographics, services and participation, test scores and grades so you’re in a good position to complete the report. But what if you run the APR Section IV Student Demographics Report in SCRIBE and notice a larger-than-expected […]

  • ACT waiver and Research Consent Form

  • There’s Something Different About You, SCRIBE

    Last Friday, March 6, we updated SCRIBE to the newest version which includes some tweaks and a few new features: Missing Demographic Details Export now includes gender, homeless and foster care Student demographics now includes whether a student has a research consent form and an ACT waiver Average daily attendance […]

  • Want to know who responded to your survey? There’s a SCRIBE Report for that

    Many grants use surveys to find out how their students and parents feel about the services they have received through GEAR UP. What did students gain from their most recent college visit? How comfortable are parents navigating the financial aid process following a series of workshops? Surveys can be identified, […]

  • SCRIBE Release 2019.2.0

    Here at Xcalibur we’re always thinking about how to improve SCRIBE for all the people who use it every day. We make adjustments here and there as needed but sometimes we have enough new features to have an official SCRIBE Release. The next SCRIBE Release is today, Friday, November 7! […]

  • What Pathway Are Your Students On?

    Not all GEAR UP students are alike and we can adapt our programs to meet their different needs. That’s one of the best aspects of GEAR UP! Now in SCRIBE, grants can assign students to different Pathways. For example, students might be on traditional or non-traditional paths to graduation. If […]

  • Export to Match Students with National Student Clearinghouse

    Our GEAR UP students went on college visits, completed their FAFSAs, and graduated high school. But what are they doing now? Did they attend their first choice college? Did they return to university after their first semester? How can we find out? Many GEAR UP grants use the National Student […]