There’s Something Different About You, SCRIBE

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Last Friday, March 6, we updated SCRIBE to the newest version which includes some tweaks and a few new features:

  • Missing Demographic Details Export now includes gender, homeless and foster care
  • Student demographics now includes whether a student has a research consent form and an ACT waiver
  • Average daily attendance – added to student enrollment
  • Surveys – now you will see the % response per question for student, parent and staff surveys
    • Identified Surveys report for student, parent and staff surveys
  • Parent Participation export – now you can sort parent participation reports by student groups
  • Other Email is an additional field for students, parents and teachers

Stay tuned to the blog as well as Xcalibur’s Twitter @ScribeforGEARUP and Facebook pages for more details about each of these updates. And as always, reach out to your Xcalibur contacts for more info on these changes or if you have ideas for our next round of updates!