Want to know who responded to your survey? There’s a SCRIBE Report for that

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Many grants use surveys to find out how their students and parents feel about the services they have received through GEAR UP. What did students gain from their most recent college visit? How comfortable are parents navigating the financial aid process following a series of workshops?

Surveys can be identified, meaning grants can know the identity of the person taking the survey or surveys can be anonymous. Identified surveys are great if you think there might be a need to follow up with your survey participants. Maybe you want to know which students are interested in applying to the college you just visited or reach out to the parents who still aren’t feeling totally comfortable with financial aid.

There is a new report in SCRIBE that will allow you to export the identified survey responses.

In SCRIBE, go to Reports > Surveys > Student/Parent Identified Survey Results.

Select the School Year from the dropdown menu. Then select the Survey you want responses for. Select the School(s) that took the survey. Click Generate Report.

The report will be a spreadsheet and includes the students’ student IDs, names and school. Each person who took the survey will be displayed on a separate line of the spreadsheet along with their responses to each survey question across the line.

Talk to your Xcalibur contact today for more information on how using surveys can contribute to your data collection and enhance the services you provide for your students!

Examples of a student college visit survey and a parent proficiency survey.