SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.2.0

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The major features in this release include cleanup for imports, updates to Standardized Tests and Courses, and a new module: Expense Report Tracking!

Expense Report Module

  • Released a completely new module in SCRIBE. Expense Report Tracking allows grants to submit, review, and approve expense reports submitted by districts.
  • Please see us in San Francisco at the GEAR UP conference if you would like to learn more about this functionality!

Course Screens

  • Updated to improve the display of marking period data

Standardized Test Screens

  • Corrected a few bugs that popped up while editing, displaying, and canceling Standardized Test data for a student from within the system


  • Corrected a defect within Course Result Group
    • Users could import a course without a required scoring method (Decimal or Lookup).
    • This has been fixed to only allow accurate values.
  • Corrected a defect with the Service List Import that ensures the End Date cannot be before the Start Date
  • Added permission to users to delete “File Not Valid” imports
  • Microsoft Office 2003 (.xls) files are no longer supported in SCRIBE
  • Updated Standardized Test imports to accommodate duplicate data in an import that already resides in SCRIBE.