• SCRIBE Release Notes 2018.2.0

    SCRIBE Release Notes 2018.2.0

    Updates to Marking Period Details Marking period details on the Student – Enrollment tab are now editable by marking period.  Previously, editing was done per marking period detail across all marking periods.  This required the user to edit each marking period detail one at a time.  Editing by marking period […]

  • SCRIBE Release Notes 2018.1.0

    SCRIBE Release Notes 2018.1.0

    New Features and Defect Fixes Portal – Survey Identification Validation Form now trims all leading and trailing spaces in text boxes. Expense Report Module emails will not be sent to users who are no longer active in SCRIBE. Edit Student Enrollment – Grade Levels are now limited to the Grade […]

  • SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.4.0

    SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.4.0

    Standard Course Management Standard courses can now be mapped to an Instance. Previously, all standard courses in SCRIBE were available to all Instances. Standard courses created for a specific Instance would appear for everyone. In addition, SCRIBE now allows users to manage their own standard courses. You can choose to […]

  • SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.3.0

    SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.3.0

    Vendor Only Attachment Access We have some grants that provide vendors user accounts in SCRIBE in order to upload/download attachments at the instance, district, or school level.  In order to access attachments in SCRIBE, a user must have view sensitive info permission at the appropriate level.  This is required since […]

  • SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.2.0

    SCRIBE Release Notes 2017.2.0

    The major features in this release include cleanup for imports, updates to Standardized Tests and Courses, and a new module: Expense Report Tracking! Expense Report Module Released a completely new module in SCRIBE. Expense Report Tracking allows grants to submit, review, and approve expense reports submitted by districts. Please see […]