SCRIBE Release Notes 2018.1.0

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New Features and Defect Fixes

  • Portal – Survey Identification Validation Form now trims all leading and trailing spaces in text boxes.
  • Expense Report Module emails will not be sent to users who are no longer active in SCRIBE.
  • Edit Student Enrollment – Grade Levels are now limited to the Grade Levels set up for the school enrolled at.
  • School – Course Tab – Add Course – Fixed issue causing SCRIBE to crash when assigning an existing course to a school.
  • Expense Report Module – Increased the maximum characters allowed for Expense Report Notes and History Notes.  This should fix issue where SCRIBE would crash if a longer note or status was added to an Expense Report.
  • Add/Edit Participation – Added validation checks to verify participation added is with in the start and end date range of the service.
  • Edit Service – Added validation checks to verify any changes to start and end date does not allow invalid participation dates.
  • Deleting Standardized Tests – Fixed issues with validation of whether a Standardized Test could be deleted or not.  Previously, system will show allow deletion attempts of Standardized Tests that were not allowed to be deleted due to active data being associated to the Standardized Test.  This would result in an error message.  In addition, fixed issue where removing system level Standardized Tests would cause error message even if there was no data associated to the Standardized Test.
  • Standardized Test Sections – Fixed issues with modifying and/or deleting Standardized Test Sections.  Standardized Test Sections of System Level Standardized Tests can only be modified if user has SCRIBE Admin permissions (Xcalibur Staff).   Standardized Test Sections of custom Standardized Tests can only be modified if no Student has taken the test and user has the proper SCRIBE permissions.
  • Various other minor defect fixes and improvements.

Reports and Exports

  • Added new report – Expense Reports By School.  This report will only be available for clients with access to the SCRIBE Expense Report Module.
  • Course List Export – Added two new columns – Credits to Complete and External Id
  • Staff Participation by Service Type – fixed critical error when certain filters were selected.
  • Personnel Match Tracking Details – Added 3 new columns – Title, Hours, Hourly Salary.  Added Grant Name to header of report.
  • Service List Export – Updated filters to require that at least one school is selected.   This was to fix issue where not selecting a school(s) would result in all services for grant to be exported regardless of the users school access permissions.
  • Added new report – Student Program Participation.  This report will show selected students and whether or not they are participating in program(s).
  • Teacher Participation, Parent Participation, and Student Participation Exports – Added separate time column for time of participation.
  • Student Participation and Parent Participation Exports – Added 4 new columns – Entry Code, Entry Date, Exit Code, Exit Date.
  • Open Survey Results with Key Headers – Re-added Open Survey Results export using the question/answer key codes.
  • Student Enrollment Export – Updated “Student Id” column label to “StudentId”.
  • APR Back up Reports – Section VI – Courses Above Algebra I (Credits Per Term) back up report data should now be matching corresponding  APR Report section.
  • APR Back up Reports – Section VI – Courses Above Algebra I (All versions) – Added 2 new columns “Enrolled in 2 or more” and “Completed 2 or more”  which can be used to verify the counts in the corresponding APR Report.  In addition, improved the existing column names and instructions for clarity.
  • Standardized Test by Grade Level – Overview – Test Taken by Grade Level filter is now required.  This fixes issue where if this filter was left blank no students were returned.
  • Student College Access Readiness – Fixed issues with counting of unexcused absences.
  • Marking Period Details Export – Fixed issue with school(s) filter where deselecting one school would deselect all schools.