Who’s On Track to Graduate High School?

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One of GEAR UP’s main goals is to increase high school graduation rates. Now SCRIBE allows users to track whether their students are on track to graduate high school.

The student’s On Track to Graduate status will be displayed in the Report Card portion of their enrollment record as either yes, no or unknown.

Users can update a student’s information manually or through an import. To update the record manually, click the Edit button in the report card section of the student’s Enrollment record. From there, click the radio button that corresponds to their On Track to Graduate status and click save.

Or update the On Track status through a Student Enrollment import (see our previous blog post about the new import module that launched July 1, 2019 or visit the SCRIBE Help Desk for import tutorials). Use the field header OnTrackToGraduateHighSchool and indicate the students’ statuses with a Y for yes or an N for no. Any student records left blank will be recorded as unknown.

On Track to Graduate High School status will appear in a new column in the Student Enrollment export (run through Reports > Export (with Sensitive Information) > Student Enrollment Export) under the heading OnTrackToGraduateHighSchool. In the export, the students’ status will read yes, no or blank if unknown.

This is one more way we can ensure we are providing the best support for our students and meeting our goals.